I’ve been trapping since I was barely 10 years of age which gives me over 50 years of experience.  Being that I was drawn to all avenues of animal related adventures I even learned taxidermy through the mail at age 12 and completed the course by; “The Northwestern School of Taxidermy.”  I've become quite well known across Lake County and have been told by some Professional agencies which give out my phone number that I am the only one whose number they still give out because they don’t get complaints about me.  I’ve done many 1000's of nuisance animal removals independently as a licensed professional trapper as well as 1,000’s of animal removals for "The City of Wickliffe" from 1992 to 2009.  As well as other animal related work for other cities as requested.  I also do emergency removals of wild animals running loose inside homes and have taken care of countless 911 calls and Police referred calls for every kind of animal break in, usually during my most pleasant REM sleep, so typical.  I am always available 24/7 for emergencies, but PLEASE refrain from calling with non emergency phone calls in the middle of the night unless the animal is literally inside the living space of your home, meaning: in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, basement, closet, etc.  Animals in the attic are NOT considered an emergency and I thank you for waiting until morning to call me to discuss their removal.  Please bear in mind that emergency service carries an added charge and the later it is at night the higher that cost rises.

I don't ask you to believe I'm the only trapper around who knows what he is doing, but I can tell you that all too often I get called on to trap an animal that a resident paid some other less qualified trapper to remove, because they failed to trap the animal.  Not all trappers are created equal and it's something to consider if you are comparing prices.  I'm very reasonable in my pricing.  I give discounts to repeat customers, including free weekend and evening service.  I Always take the time to build the best sets for trapping though it requires a little extra effort, and I do this for everyone.  Some trappers love to take the easy way out, sure they might charge you $5 less to get you to hire them, knowing I have many years more experience as a professional nuisance trapper.  But then they merely set out a baited trap, which may seem right to the average person but more times than not you are only going to end up paying a lot more money for the disposals of the multiple non target catches they'll surely make, and its probably done intentionally to make more profit, at "your" expense!  Since I know that constructing particular sets can focus the catch to "your" specific animal, I take the extra time, I do it because that's what I would want from someone if I was the one paying for service.  Besides, it's "The Golden Rule."  It's what once made this country great and I believe we need to start thinking more of the other guy (or gal) and maybe this country might get turned around.  

I’ve also seen examples of other trappers miss-diagnosing a problem to leave the customer no better off and their money wasted, feel free to ask me for examples.

I ALWAYS tell my customers the straight up scoop if I foresee any negative situation that might present odds of their nuisance animal not being caught.  Some situations can make it risky for you to spend money if I believe there is little chance of success.  This could apply to an animal merely passing through on infrequent occasions.  Such as seeing a skunk once every 10-14 days feeding in your neighbors lawn or across the street but you just want it trapped before your dog gets sprayed.  The odds would be poor that it would find the trap set on your property unless he came close by.  Although conversely, there are times I have found a way to catch it anyway, it can depend on the lay of the land and sometimes I have to see the area to give a final vote, for, or against, setting a trap and taking your money.

If the animal resides on your property, that's music to my ears and it will be removed promptly.


 (440) 856 - 5425